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  • Introduction of OmniConTM

    OminConTM is a kind of VMS management software based on the internet,by which we can manage and control the VMS,check the current status as well as to send contents to the VMS.Besides,OmniConTM system can achieve a few functions to manage and control the VMS.For example,GPS function,easy editor,VMS status checking,VMS setting,VMS refresh,VMS brightness setting,radar setting,battery charged,SMS setting etc.

    Map Management

    Program message sequence on the VMS and control display's time for different messages.

    In the control center,you can see the status of all VMS and check what they are displaying.

    Click a VMS icon,and you can see what is being displayed now.For example,by ckicking the VMS stationed at K21+15 South-bound at Guanshen expressway.

    Check on the Google map where a particular VMS is located by positioning with GPS.

                                                                                                                          Radar Settings

                                                                                                                           SMS Settings

                                                                                                                          VMS Settings

    Install a set of radar to work with the VMS,and the radar can detect the vehicle speed.The vehicle speed will show on the VMS.Click the "Radar"botton,the radar starts to work.

  • Major functions of the OmniConTM

    100% customized interface

    Easy access to OmniConTM for users

    No need to install software in advance, user friendly management.

    Different access to various levels of users: Super Admin/Admin/User

    Status of each module can be monitored and recorded

    Flexible scheduling function

    Encrypted data package for transmission via internet 

    monitor your VMS fleet on Google Map

    User's Side

    VMS Side(recommended for each VMS)

    Smart phones
    (by customers)
    Server online
    With a public IP or domain
    Data base
    100%customized web base software
    Mainboard(receiving signal from OmniConTM system and reporting VMS status to OmniConTM System)
    3G Modem
    Or WiFi
    Or Ethernet to connect via internet to OmniConTM Server
    GPS modem for positioning
    Temperature Sensor/Light Sensor

      Real time monitoring of all your VMS   Monitor your VMS on Google Map, in terms of real time display content, temperature status, RSS, camera (if connected), play log, GPS location, etc
      Clear assignment of jobs to different levels of users, such as super admin, admin, user, etc   Of Course, OmniConTM is no problem to your smart phones-Please enjoy more. (Note: pictures are for your reference only.)
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