Chainzone’s New High Bay Metis Series is Ready to Occupy the Market

Date: 2018-12-04      Source:

                                                                  Chainzone’s New High Bay Metis Series is Ready to Occupy the Market

This November, the first mass production of Chainzone’s new high bay Metis series was finished and 2200pcs of Metis high bays are shipped out in a 40ft HQ container.

As a new economic lighting fixture, Metis high bay wins our old and new clients’ favor quickly with its features of high efficacy, 150lm/W as well as low temperature rise. The temperature rise of driver for 200w high bay is lower than 35℃ under room temperature. Chainzone’s testing shows that the temperature rise of driver for 200W is only 32.3℃when the ambient temperature is 26.1℃. Under this circumstances, the TC Point temperature for driver is less than 60 ℃, which corresponding to 100,000h life span of driver in Meanwell’s datasheet. We’re very proud to announce this result because as we learnt that most of the high bays in the market with their temperature rise of driver over 50 ℃. That’s to say, TC point temperature will be over 75℃under room temperature. In this case, the driver’s lifespan is less than 40,000h. As we all know the lifespan of driver plays an important role in the lifespan of lighting fixture. Therefore, the quality of our Metis high bay is very good!

With such good quality, we manage to make the price in a relatively low level, which brings out the most outstanding feature of this series----cost effectiveness. We firmly believe our Metis series high bay will occupy the market soon!

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