Chainzone’s Smart Control Solution with Bluetooth!

Date: 2018-12-04      Source:

                                                                       Chainzone’s Smart Control Solution with Bluetooth!

In order to provide a whole smart control solution for several new big warehouses in Southeast Asia, Chainzone has been discussing with customers and bluetooth solution supplier recently. And we finally come up with a good solution which can work with Chainzone’s Athena high bay !

The smart control solution works with Bluetooth 4.2 agreement for now. And will update to 5.0 agreement in the future. The whole wireless control solution includes Bluetooth controller, motion sensor and light sensor. Our Athena series high bay is designed to work with wireless control solution. We can control all the lamps by Android Pad, cell phone or computer.

What can we do with the smart control solution? It has timing, motion sensing and light sensing function. We can also combine all these functions together to meet the requirements you want. Energy consumption data can be collected and seen on the cloud platform! That means you don’t need to open your computer all day long for collecting data!

Imagine the following scenes: Don’t want to switch off all the lights by yourself after work? Want the lights on without pressing the buttons when you arrive the office? Always forget to turn off the lights? Need to work OT but don’t want to open all the lights and waste electricity? All the problems above can be solved by using our led high bays with wireless control solution. You can do the setting through cell phone, Android pad or computer and the schedule will run automatically.Interested in it? Contact Chainzone’s sales team for more information!

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