Chainzone(FOSHAN) Passed RSMP Certification Test

Date: 2018-10-09      Source:

                                                                                                   Chainzone(FOSHAN) Passed RSMP Certification Test

On September 20th, witnessed by the Swedish government Trafikverket, a technical team from Chainzone(FOSHAN) arrived in Sweden and did a Certification Test about RSMP Communication Protocol for Chainzone’s Walkin EN12966 VMS with the Swedish government-designated software company. Passing the test on it’s first try, Chainzone is the first VMS supplier in China to pass the RSMP Certification Test!   


In this successful test, preparatory work and abilities of the technical team of Chainzone were highly recognized by software company, the engineers of which were also excitedly praised, “Wow! Good job!” They said that it not only strengthened their impressions to Chainzone, but also greatly changed their perspectives to “Made in China”.

In fact, Chianzone has cooperated with the Swedish government Trafikverket before. A FAT for EN12966 VMS with Swedish government staffs also was done last year, during which they were very satisfied with Chainzone’s product and services. Today, seeing that Chainzone has passed the RSMP Certification Test for Walkin EN12966 VMS, officials from Swedish government Trafikverket said that the quality of products and services from Chianzone is really worthy of recognition, and they look forward to more cooperation with Chainzone in the future.

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