IMPOSA Twinner

Date: 2018-09-26      Source:

                                                                                                   IMPOSA Twinner


                              -standard size.


                              -Convenient for moving around with wheels at the bottom.


                              -Columns are connected by locks without any screw, to build a HD screen may be just in the blink of an eye.


                              -With a smartly designed magic pin, separating columns is never a headache or an ar-ache!


                              -3 cabinets in a column share 1 mounting panel, which helps minimized gaps between cabinets.


                              -Unique buffering pin design provides secured protection to LEDs during installation.


                              -Meeting various demands by setup of a single column, dual columns and multi columns.


                              -Flight case to protect the columns well during transportation


                              -In house-developed technologies such as accurate color management and dynamic gamma correction bring about a visual feast to all audience!


                              -Indicator lights at the back of each column vividly show operation status.


                              -Signal hot back-up for reliable event display.


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