NTCIP 1203 v3 Compliant VMS Certified by Authority Laboratory

Date: 2018-06-25      Source:

                                                               NTCIP 1203 v3 Compliant VMS Certified by Authority Laboratory

   Recently the control board of Chainzone’s Variable Message Sign(VMS) has officially passed the compatibility test with NTCIP 1203 v3 standard by third-party authority laboratory in USA. Chainzone is the first VMS manufacturer in China with NTCIP approval. In fact, from 2011 Chainzone has successfully delivered VMS compliant with NTCIP protocol, which is highly valued by customers all over the world, including those from Brazil, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Netherlands, etc.

   Apart from NTCIP, MODBUS is also certified by authority laboratory in Germany and it’s used in our previous projects in many European countries, even in some long tunnels projects.

   What’s more, Chainzone’s VMS also supports other general protocols like MODBUS, UTMC, XML etc., and we’ve developed our own protocol JETFILE II, which is widely used in UK, Hungary, Iran, India, Turkey, Bulgaria, South Africa, Ireland, etc.

   Chainzone will, as always, keep offering professional service of LED traffic products and creating values to all of our customers!

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