Chainzone’s Railway LED Display for USA

Date: 2018-04-19      Source:

Recently, Chainzone Technology has newly designed railway LED displays and completed the production of prototype. This project requests frontal LED displays and lateral LED display which will be integrate into the suburban trains in the United States. Chainzone believes that this is another good opportunity to demonstrate its product strength.

As we all know, the electronic equipment used in mass transit has very strict requirements for design and specifications. It requires testing of various standards and certification by accredited laboratories, such as railway standard EN50155, EN50123-3-2, IEC61000-4-5, EN45545, NFPA130, EN61373 and so on.

Currently, Chainzone is carring out the above tests and feels positive about the results. In addition to ITS, Chainzone also devotes many resources to mass transit products, so that more displays are applied to trains, subways, buses, and stations. In September of 2018, Chainzone will bring the newly designed railway LED displays to the stage of Innotrans Berlin 2018!


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