The Birth and Advantages of True-black LED Display

Date: 2018-03-12      Source: LEDs are made up of plastic holders and light-emitting chips. Early light-emitting chips did not have high brightness, so engineers used white plastic holders in the shape of bowls to enhance the focus of reflection to ensure that the chips achieved brighter results. However, the shortcoming of white light is that its original white color also participates in the colors to be expressed on an electronic display. When black or gray is to be expressed, color distortion occurs (no black, gray, dark green, etc.). In other words, the loss of color expression is caused by the insufficiency of chip brightness. With the development of technology, the brightness and luminous efficiency of the light-emitting chips have been greatly improved. There is no need to make up for the lack of chip brightness by sacrificing contrast. To meet people’s higher and higher requirement against image quality, black-faced LEDs were invented for higher contrast ratio and thus better picture quality. At present, high-end LED display using black-faced LEDs has become a major trend.


Compared with the common white-faced LED display, the most significant difference in the True-black LED display is when the screen is not ON, the surface color of the screen is consistent, the display is more beautiful, the contrast is higher when the light is on, and the bottom color of the entire screen looks more uniform.



In terms of brightness and power consumption, each has its own advantages, but in terms of cost, the true-black display is relatively expensive. Customers can choose to purchase a True-black or white-faced LED display based on actual needs and budgets.
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