Inspiring: Chainezone is on the TOP 20 List of LED High Bay Exportation in China

Date: 2018-02-26      Source:

    Thanks for your hard work, Chainzone’s super sales team. It’s you that let the world see Chainzone’s great quality products and excellent service.

    Thanks for your innovation and creativity, Chainzone’s engineers. It’s you that keep Chainzone’s product prospering and competitive.Above all, thanks for your trust and support, Chainzone’s customers. It’s you that install Chainzone’s high quality lighting products all over the world.

    In the past one year, the competition of LED high bay is very intense. There are various LED High Bays that look alike, which makes buyers hard to distinguish good products from bad ones at a glance. What’s worse, many competitors lower the price by lowering product quality aiming to earn more market share. Some even use the fake components, like drivers or LEDs to deceive the buyers. Frankly speaking, the LED High Bay market is a hotchpotch, mingled with good and bad. Nevertheless, the unfaithful, bad quality supplier will be hard to survive in the fierce competition. They may appear today and disappear tomorrow.

    On the contrary, you can rest assured on Chainzone’s products. Chainzone has been providing high quality LED Lighting Solutions, as well as professional sales support. Chainzone takes actual action to win buyers’ support and loyalty.

    In the past year, Chainzone’s export amount of LED High Bay is on the top 20 list among  the huge amount of Chinese LED High Bay manufacturers. This result on the one hand, surprises us. But on the other hand, it’s quite reasonable on account of the hard work we had done.

    Chainzone’s 18 years’ export experience shows the world that quality and service is the best passport!

    In the coming new year, Chainzone will continue to supply the great quality, good price and competitive lighting products!

    At last, Happy Chinese’s New Year to everyone! Wish you all the best!


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