Thrilling: Chainzone’s Upcoming New LED Warehouse Lighting Solution

Date: 2018-01-29      Source:

        Industrial lighting has been a very important part in LED lighting solutions. Industrial indoor and outdoor products require a much more flexible fixture in projects since this sector always needs long period of investment. So the fixture must be taken more responsibilities itself for a more durable, flexible, smart way.

        Among industrial lighting fixtures, the high bay light is regarded as the most popular in projects. Chainzone’s RY/RX series high bays have been a hot-hit in the market for several years, we are so pleased to get the most satisfactions from our customers.

        Nowadays, we know the warehouse lighting products are very competitive due to price, similar design and function among peers. We, Chainzone are not only just manufacturer, we take more concern for the market, our customer and research of how the product comes out to be attracting, to be elite and can be well-promoted.

        So here comes Chainzone’s newly high bay, a bold and creative concept of completely different design, picky quality and researches from our professional sales and engineers marketing. 

        Can’t wait to see it? Well, good things always comes out unexpectedly, let’s expect Chainzone’s new warehouse high bay in 2018! 


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