Passenger Information Signs exportting to the Netherlands!

Date: 2018-01-15      Source:

        Passenger information signs is an electric information system for providing passengers with real-time travel information, which brings a great convenience for travelers. Whether it is in the bus station, airport, train or even other public transport areas, we can find the application of LED destination signs as well. With its increasing demands, Chainzone is getting into the market by our own product quality and R & D capabilities.

        We became the supplier for Siemens since 2001 for metro station information screen after we passed the CE test in Germany. Recently, it is exported to the Netherlands in large quantities, which make us being one of the major suppliers of Dutch platform information signs!

        Dominating features for Dutch platform information signs are as below.

        1.Single yellow ultra-bright SMD LED makes the display clear

        2.Module design for easier maintenance
        3.Wth ight-sensitive function: display brightness can be adjusted automatically according to the exterior light so that passengers can identify at any moment
        4.Use tempered glass with glass shatterproof sensor
        5.With the exterior clock and interior broadcast system,  keeping passengers well informed and making their travel experience easier, safer and more convenient
        6.Protection level up to IP65
        7.Advanced Detection Function : pixel failure detection, door open detection, voltage detection, vibration detection, temperature and humidity detection etc. to run diagnostic applications. 
        The most important is that Chainzone developed a new open X Window system to meet different needs of customers, with which, customers have access to write programs without any constraints so as to coordinate with customer-compatible systems and diversify their needs. Such as,
        1.Passenger information sign management functions, including function settings and working status detection
        2.User rights' management. Applying user name and password can authorize users permissions to prevent the illegal use of display system
        3.Remote control system:  passenger information sign remote management and the operation record of the systems

        Since the construction of EMC laboratory, Chainzone has been putting it into use. For example, in addition to conventional test, our passenger information sign will be EMC-inspected before delivery to ensure that our products are in line with the requirements so as to enhance the customer satisfaction to our product!
        If you are looking for the passenger information sign, please contact Chainzone immediately!

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