Speed limit signs batch production in Britain

Date: 2018-01-22      Source:

    Chinese new year is approaching! To meet the production demands from all clients before the public holiday, Chainzone arranges the manufacturing schedule reasonably, improve efficiency and make full use of all places for production. Until now, everthying is under our schedule and the quality is also taken seriously.


    Tight schedule as it is, Chainzone always places the clients' demands and quality at the first place. For the 228 sets of speed limit signs for school zones, within our manufacturing time, not only the production was finished, but a series of tests were undertaken orderly, e.g. burn-in test, appearence test, waterproof test, communication test, brightness test, software test, function test and etc.

    During the manufacturing, questions happen sometimes. However, what matters is not the question itself, but the way how to solve it and the efficiency. To ensure the delivery time, all the departments do their jobs well. Once they discover the problems, they will go for the reponsible person. Those in charge are supervised by others and shall fix the problem in time and give appropriate response. For this point, the British customer witnessed the whole process of how Chainzone dealt with the problems through the CCTV, which finally made them moved and trust on Chainzone.

    "Good service and high quality" are always the working attitude for Chainzone's employees. It's our pleasure to satisfy the demands of our customers; it's our proud of have high level quality; it's our treasure to offer efficient services.

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