Chainzone Unveils TQM Campaign

Date: 2018-01-09      Source:

    At the threshold of 2018, Chainzone Technology(Foshan) Co. Ltd. embarks on a Total Quality Management(TQM) campaign in all of its manufacturing processes, as a fresh attempt to further enhance its product quality so as to meet higher customer expectation for better quality.

    The TQM program involves mobilizing all production line operators into diligent activities for quality improvement.  All production workers are required to participate in Quality Control Circles(QCC) which are small groups in their own work processes.  The workers will receive training for methods on improving work quality. The QCCs will discuss among the group members to determine quality improvement targets, and will agree on measures for improvement and will assess the results of the measures.  The company Quality Assurance(QA) Department will guide the whole campaign’s implementation, record the activities of all the quality control circles.  The company management level will propagate and award those excellent QCCs and members periodically.

    Chainzone’s TQM program also includes a thorough re-look at all the inspecting standards and processes. The company aims at raising standards for inspection, optimizing and detailing processes of internal processes in checking the quality of work pieces and outgoing products’ quality. By so doing, in-process and outgoing products will be monitored and controlled at a higher level.

    Chainzone’s TQM program will also involve more active monitor and control of assessment of suppliers, auditing of suppliers as well as delivery of materials. Chainzone Tech will more actively look into the internal processes and measures of quality control inside the suppliers. Chainzone Tech will provide feedback to its suppliers on requirements and quality information about materials it receives from its suppliers.    Chainzone Tech will grow with its suppliers and incorporate its suppliers’ efforts into its own work, in order to deliver high quality and more reliable products to its end users.

    Further more, Chainzone Tech will focus more on customer satisfaction, on customer experience and will listen more attentively to the feedback comments on its own products.

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