Mother’s Day in Chainzone Tech.

Date: 2017-05-15      Source: Chainzone Technology(Foshan)Co., Ltd.

On this year's Mother's Day, the four mothers in the international sales team are all busy working.  Two mothers were busy coordinating production and deliveries to our clients.  The other two mothers set out on the Mother's Day to the international sales fronts on the “Belt and Road”.  One mother has gone to the Middle East, the Western Asia and the Southern Europe on the traditional Silk Road Economic Belt. The other mother set sail to the South East Asian Region along the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. Let's show them our respect, and hope that they will return home will fruitful results to contribute to our companies' strategic development.


Chainzone wants to mention two other young women colleagues, too. They are not mothers, but they were also working hard on other fronts on the Mother's Day. One young lady flew to Japan on the Mother's Day to open up more businesses for the company; the other young lady flew back to China on the Mother's Day from a business trip to North America. 


The female warriors of the international sales team are the Goodwill Ambassadors of Chainzone Tech, and trail blazers of Chainzone's business along the “Belt and Road”. 

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