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    CZ-FL-010C 10W 680-750lm 2800-6500K =70 >0.9 L133xW179xH59mm
    CZ-FL-020C 20W 1360-1500lm 2800-6500K =70 >0.9 L172xW201xH80mm
    CZ-FL-030C 30W 2050-2400lm 2800-6500K =70 >0.9 L184xW215xH84mm
    CZ-FL-050C 50W 3400-4000lm 2800-6500K =70 >0.9 L200xW253xH98mm
    CZ-FL-070C 70W 4760-5600lm 2800-6500K =70 >0.9 L250xW291xH122mm
    CZ-FL-100C 100W 6850-8000lm 2800-6500K =70 >0.9 L250xW309xH192mm
    CZ-FL-120C 120W 8160-9600lm 2800-6500K =70 >0.9 L310xW315xH187mm
    CZ-FL-150C 150W 10200-12000lm 2800-6500K =70 >0.9 L310xW375xH187mm
    CZ-FL-200C 200W 13600-16000lm 2800-6500K =70 >0.9 L340xW400xH192mm
  • Feature

    Heat pipe technology and Fin-shape radiator, excellent heat dissipation and super light in weight;

    IP65, suitable for both indoor and outdoor environment;

    Smart design, elegant appearance and well-selected materials;

    Inside breathing device, free moisture condensation trouble;

    Energy saving, environmental design and safety.


    Commercial area,airport,metro,overhead viaduct,advertising board,gym architectural icon,etc.

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