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    CZ-HB-030A 30W 2400-2850lm 30°/60°/100° >0.88 >70 2800-6500K F160-304*280 2.8kg
    CZ-HB-050A 50W 4000-4750lm 30°/60°/100° >0.88 >70 2800-6500K F160-304*280 2.8kg
    CZ-HB-070A 70W 5600-6650lm 30°/60°/100° >0.88 >70 2800-6500K F160-304*265 4kg
    CZ-HB-100A 100W 8000-9500lm 30°/60°/100° >0.9 >70 2800-6500K F160-304*290 4.3kg
    CZ-HB-120A 120W 9600-11400lm 30°/60°/100° >0.9 >70 2800-6500K F200-304*295 5.4kg
    CZ-HB-150A 150W 12000-14250lm 30°/60°/100° >0.9 >70 2800-6500K F200-304*345 6.2kg
    CZ-HB-180A 180W 14400-17100lm 30°/60°/100° >0.9 >70 2800-6500K F200-304*375 6.6kg
    CZ-HB-200A 200W 16000-19000lm 30°/60°/100° >0.9 >70 2800-6500K F260-304*315 7.3kg
    CZ-HB-250A 250W 20000-23725lm 30°/60°/100° >0.9 >70 2800-6500K F260-304*395 9.5kg
    CZ-HB-300A 300W 24000-27000lm 30°/60°/100° >0.9 >70 2800-6500K F260-330*425 10.5kg
  • Feature

    Adopting advanced Phase Change Technology, the speed of heat transmission is 50 times faster than that of pure aluminum;

    Integrated design with heat transmission and heat dissipation function, non-contact heat resistance, high utilization of heat sink, and excellent heat dissipation;

    Professional Meanwell Driver, high stability and reliability;

    Well-selected LED chips, high luminous efficiency;

    Elegant design, easy installation.


    Warehouse, workshop, gym, supermarket, exhibition hall, stadium etc.

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