LED Street Light

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    CZ-RL-A070 70W 48pcs 7200-8100lm AC90-295V =0.9 >90% 2800-6500k L578xW350xH99mm
    CZ-RL-A100 100W 72pcs 9000-10800lm AC90-295V =0.9 >90% 2800-6500k L664xW350xH99mm
    CZ-RL-A140 140W 96pcs 11400-13500lm AC90-295V =0.9 >93% 2800-6500k L748xW350xH99mm
    CZ-RL-A180 180W 120pcs 13500-16200lm AC90-295V =0.9 >93% 2800-6500k L832xW350xH99mm
  • Feature

    Smart design, elegant appearance and excellent heat dissipation;

    Modern design with module lens, excellent light transmittance and easy maintenance;

    Advanced optical design, extraordinary uniformity of brightness and luminance;

    Professional LED street light power supply, high efficiency, stability and reliability;

    Inside breathing device, free moisture condensation trouble.


    Roadway, residential and industrial area, square, park, school etc.

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