Velo III

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  • Velo III series


    Specifications of iMPOSA®Velo III Displays
    Pixel Pitch
    Pixel Configuration
    3 in 1 SMD
    Model Information
    Resolution of Module (HXW)
    Size of Module (mm) (HXW)
    192 X 384
    Cabinet Information
    Resolution of Cabinet (pixel) (HXW)
    Size of Cabinet (mm) (HXWXD)
    Weight of Cabinet (KG)
    Display Information
    Power Consumption of Cabinet Max(W)
    Brightness (cd/m2)
    Viewing Angle
    120°/ 120°
    IP Rating
    IP54(Front) IP54(Back)
    Grey Level
    16 bit Per Color
    Frame Frequency (Hz)
    Refresh Frequency (Hz)
    Brightness Control
    100 levels
    Nominal LED Working Life
    Up to 100,000 Hours
  • Cabinet Structure

    Cabinet size(unit:mm)
    Cabinet image

    Wind-through & Light-through Mode

    When the light shade is not applied,both wind and light can pass through.

                                               Module back                                                                                                                        Module front

    Shade Curtain Mode

    When the flexible accordion style light shade is applied,rear light is blocked.The contrast level is enhanced.

                                                     Shade curtain folded in                                                                                                  Shade curtain applied

    Self-connection Mode

    Cabinets are connect by toggle clamps which makes the installation easier and more convenient.

    Power Supply Hot Backup

    The power supply is part and parcel of an LED screen. Its performance directly influences on the viewing effect of the LED screen. To avoid damaging screen effect due to power failure, Chainzone has successfully developed the power back-up function for its LED screen. All Mage cabinets are equipped with double power supplies. When a power supply fails, the spare power will back up immediately and supply power for the cabinet. Malfunction indicator light will be on at the same time. When the dynamic load is less than half of the total power consumption of the cabinet, images will be normally displayed on the screen. Otherwise, screen brightness will drop by half automatically.

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