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  • Mage series

    Specifications of iMPOSA®Mage I & Mage II Displays
     Pixel Pitch
    5.33 mm
    5.33 mm
    6.4 mm
    8 mm
    10.6 mm
    12.8 mm
     Pixel Configuration
    3 in 1 SMD
    Module Information
     Resolution of Module (pixels)  (H×W) 
     Size of Module (mm)  (H×W) 
    Wind-through Design
    Cabinet Information
    Resolution of Cabinet (pixels)  (H×W)
    Size of Cabinet (mm)  (H×W×D) 
    Weight of Cabinet (KG) 
     Display Information
    Power Consumption of Cabinet Max (W)
    Power Consumption of Cabinet Avg. (W)
    Power Supply Hot Backup
    Brightness (cd/m²) 
    Contrast Ratio
    Viewing Angle
    140° / 120°
    IP Rating
    Front: IP65   Back: IP54
     Grey Level
    14 Bit (Indoor) / 16 Bit (Outdoor) 
    Frame Frequency (Hz)
     Refresh Frequency (Hz) 
    Brightness Control
    Manual / Auto / Scheduled
    Operating Temp / Humidity
    -20°C~50°C / 10%~90%
    Storage Temp / Humidity
    -40°C~60°C / 10%~90%
                    Note:This outdoor screen can be switched for indoor use by a special button, and this switch will not affect the grey level.
  • Structural Features

    Honeycomb Structure Module

    iMOPSA Mage module is a new kind of composite back shell with outstanding features like high intensity, low cost and excellent heat dissipation (with Patent No.ZL 2013 2 03659863、ZL 2013 2 03659685). The module structure is simple but three-dimensional. Both sides of the bottom shell are equipped with upward reinforcing ribs, which make up the regular hexagons in succession. On the premise of not conflicting the shell and the electric components on the LED module, both the intensity and stiffness of this structure is high, meanwhile it can also make full use of material and better match different LED modules.

    Standard Cabinet

    Slim and compact cabinet, cabinet size: 768(H)X768(W)X160(D)mm

    Curvable Cabinet

    A Mage cabinet consists of a main cabinet and two side cabinets. The main cabinet and side cabinets are joined with hinges (guide trough plate). With this structure, the angles of LED display can be freely changed via the angle changes of cabinets. Meanwhile, the design of double guidance arc-shaped groove structure enables stronger cabinet and more accurate locating. Besides, via the zero position pin and angle fixation indenter, the display can be shaped faster and more accurately. Both sides of the cabinet can be bent in and out by 15o. It’s easy to set up a display in arc or wave shape(patent pending).

    Light but Rugged Cabinet

    The cabinet is made of aluminum profile and steel-work, light but strong. 22Kg/Cabinet (indoor) 24Kg/Cabinet (outdoor). The max hanging capacity is 1 ton.

    10000N Tension Test
    TUV Test (Test Report No: 16055704001)

    Quick setup

    iMPOSA Mage cabinet equipped with Unit Positioning Guide post, Connection and Combination Devices, Self Lock System (patent No: ZL 2013 2 03178844), which allow the fast lock of cabinets without any tools. Precise positioning and easy loosen.


    Unique structure — easy for maintenance.

                           Safety lock

             Handle or pedal section for climbing up                                    Load test of the Safety lock: 1000kg

    Installation Mode

    Self-standing Mode

    Max stacking capacity: 10 cabinets high

    Each bottom beam is equipped with a leveling device, which is convenient for horizontal configuration at the bottom

    All standard auxiliary fixture parts, which make inter-joining and assembly easier and quicker

    Display can be both flat and curved.

    Flat Standing

    Curved Standing

    Lying Mode

    iMPOSA Mage cabinets can be assembled to create a ground display with necessary components.

    Hanging Mode

    Max hanging capacity: 20 cabinets high
    Types of hanging beam for option:
    1 X (L = 280mm. For hanging curved cabinets.)
    1 X (L = 768mm. For hanging flat cabinets.)
    2 X (L = 1536mm. For hanging flat cabinets.)

    Specially-designed flight cases make hanging installation more convenient. It takes only 4 hours to assemble a 200m² Mage display which includes 350 cabinets.

    Curved Setup

    Both sides of the cabinet can be freely bent in or out by max 15°.

                                Wave curve                                              Outward curve                                                 Inward curve


    Plug connector

    Neutric signal and power connectors are applied, ensuring great reliability and convenience.

    Power Supply Hot Backup

    The power supply is part and parcel of an LED screen. Its performance directly influences on the viewing effect of the LED screen. To avoid damaging screen effect due to power failure, Chainzone has successfully developed the power back-up function for its LED screen. All Mage cabinets are equipped with double power supplies. When a power supply fails, the spare power will back up immediately and supply power for the cabinet. Malfunction indicator light will be on at the same time. When the dynamic load is less than half of the total power consumption of the cabinet, images will be normally displayed on the screen. Otherwise, screen brightness will drop by half automatically.

    Signal Hot Backup System

    Signal hot backup system enhances the reliability of a screen while it’s working. Automatic error detection enables the system to switch between each signal deed channel within milliseconds, so as to guarantee the consistent display effects.

    Signal hot backup by ports. Two ports on one LDU are functioned as a loop. When the main port goes wrong, system will activate the affiliated port immediately.

    Signal hot backup by LDUs. Two LDUs are functioned as a loop. When the main LDU goes wrong, system will activate the affiliated LDU immediately, so as to guarantee the consistent display effect.

    Signal hot backup by ports                                                                              Signal hot backup by LDUs                                          

    Wind-through and ArtNet LED

    P10.6 and P12.8 modules possess the wind-through and lightproof design.

    ArtNet LED with ultra-high brightness exclusively for P12.8mm.

    Easy Maintenance

    All screws have buckles, which helps well keep the screws during assembly and disassembly.

    Screws on driver board                                             Screws on driver board connector                                                      Screws on main board box

    Screws on power box                                                                                                              Loose-but-not-off screws on main board       

    Components, such as main board and power supply, can be easily plugged and pulled in or out.

      Main board can be pulled out easily.                                                                                                                        Power supply can be pulled out easily.

    Live Broadcast


    Cross-scan is a patented technology of Chainzone. It offers accurate performance for TV broadcast and brilliant visual effect for TV audience.

    Traditional scan Cross-scan
  • Item Part Number Name Pattern Number Note
    1 880-7400 Controller LDU8000 1 set More LDUs should be added if total resolution is more than 1920X1080
    2 880-8100 Flight case   Cabinet amout:8 sets 8 cabinets at most are allowed in one flight case.
    3 880-8101 Flat self-standing rack   1 set Optional.Number of this rack depends on cabinet amount as well as column and row numbers.
    4 880-8102 Curved self-standing rack   1 set Optional.Number of this rack depends on cabinet amount as well as column and row numbers.
    5 880-3536 280 Hanging beam   1 piece/ column Optional
    6 880-3546 768 Hanging beam   1 piece/column Optional
    7 880-3556 1536 Hanging beam   1 piece for 2 columns Optional
    8 880-7410/
      The number of PSU is depending on display power consumption. PSU25 for 25KW
    PSU40 for 40KW
    9 880-7312 Power input cable   1 piece/PSU output L=10m
    10 880-7315 Ethernet cable   1 L=10m
    11 880-7314 Signal cable   1 L=10m
    12 880-7316 DVI cable   1  
    13 880-7311 Power cable between cabinets   1 piece for/cabinet L=1.2m
    14 880-7313 Signal cable between cabinets   1 piece/cabinet L=1.2m
  • name size down
    Flight cases video 23.00MB English
    To replace faulty LEDs on Mage module 32.00MB English
    Video for the Toggle Clamps of Mage 2.00MB English
    Maintain video for Mage 33.00MB English
    Fastening the Hanging Bar 9.00MB English
    Assemble the screen 16.00MB English
    AVer-2.01 iMPOSA Mager User's Manual 1.00MB English
    User's Manual for LDU2800 15.00MB English
    User's Manual for LDU8000 1.00MB English
    User’s Manual of Mage Rental Display 16.00MB English