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  • Brief Introduction of CitiCon™

    CiticonTM is a system that can integrate the Intelligent Transportation Systems. The whole system can manage and control the traffic controllers, traffic lights, variable message signs.

    Flexible phase control files and phase files. The operator or manager can realize easy control of phases at different time periods so as to match the real traffic situation at different time.

    Remote check and edit phase files, or switch among different control modes, such as manual control of certain phase, all red, and all yellow flash. This function allows the operator or administrator to respond to certain unexpected situation.

    CiticonTM can also save traffic flow data. This will allow the operator or supervisor to do proper adjustment according to traffic situation in various directions.

    Data gathered from various controllers is used to create a green wave control function on multiple intersections.

    Remote editing of messages for variable message signs. This function provides the possibility of propagating of traffic situation on designated roads.

    Positioning on Mapffic


    Clear geographic positioning on map: gives a clear idea to user or administrator about the locations of the traffic signal controllers and the variable message signs(VMS)

    Automatically create and save real time monitor’s data and working

    statu’s data Multiple intersections interactive coordination according to traffic flow situation

    Monitor Page
  • CiticonTM Functions

    To monitor the controller, so as to know the current operation status of the controller.

    To edit phases, or in other words to decide the duration of traffic signal lights. Red and green signals of each lane can be set separately.

    To edit period, which means to set different phases for different periods, so as to match the different traffic situation at rush hours and non-rush hours.

    Special date control. This allows operation of different period files in different days, so as to more traffic flows in holidays.

    To edit information on the variable message signs.

    To monitor the information on the variable message signs.

    To set channels. This function allows green wave control by coordinating multiple traffic controllers.

    Phase Editing

    Set up channels and operate multi traffic controllers in the same time to achieve the green wave function.

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