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  • Technical details

    Pixel Pitch
    P5mm or P6.75mm
    Color Configuration
    Single color/tri- color/full color
    Typical Module Size (H)x(W)mm
    P5mm:103(H) x 400(W) / 103(H) x 440(W)
    P6.75:216mm(H) x 74.25(W) / 270(H) x 74.25(W)
    Resolution for each line
    P5mm: 10(H)x80(W)/ 10(H)x88(W)  P6.75mm:9(H)x32(W) / 9(H)x40(W)
    Display Type
    Single Side or Double Side
    Enclosure Material
    Aluminum (Seawater/ Vandalism proof) or Stainless Steel
    Over Voltage Protection / Reversed Polarity Protection / Over Current Protection
    RS485 / IBIS / RS232 / Ethernet / Wireless / GPRS/ 4G
    Protocol Availability
    IP Rating
    Mounting Option
    Top - mounted / Side - mounted / Back- mounted
    Other Functions
    Self Detection, Pixel Faulty Detection, Condensate Detection, AC power & current detection, 
    Battery Detection, Fan Detection, Door Opened Detection Sensor,Temperature Sensor, Light 
    Sensor, Cabinet Angle Sensor for Tilt Alarm
  • Features

    With Ultra-bright LEDs, highly legible on street, passengers can see travel information clearly.

    Modular design for easy maintenance.

    Reliable power supply for LED displays and controller.

    Easily customized mounting brackets so that the sign can be installed on any shelter.

    Automatic brightness control ensures high readability both day and night.

    Integrated sensor for temperature available.

    Simple to program and more advanced functions for user's choice.

    Can be equipped with tempered glass and glass break sensor against vandalism.

    Passenger Information Signs

    Chainzone became an official supplier to Siemens of passenger information signs for subway stations in 2001 afrer its LED sign passed relevant CE tests in Germany.Since then,Chainzone has been designing,manufacturing and delivering LED passenger information display boards for many key projects in any big cities in and outside China.


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