Solar-powered Mobile Traffic Signal

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  • Application

    The mobile traffic signal set on trailer is mainly used at temporary intersections or at particular times, such as during rush hours at an intersection from a school, temporary power failure at an intersection and so on. Also it can be at an intersection under construction or repair work.

    The mobile traffic signal set on trailer can be easily used at any time without having to prepare with any power cable for AC power at work site. It only needs to be hauled to the intersection when it’s needed and it highly improves the efficiency of the safe control of the road construction site at a lower cost.


    Dimension LxWxH (mm)
    Height (mm)
    Cannot be lifted
    Lifting Device
    Weight (kg)
    Tire (inch)
    12V/100AH    Quantity: 2
    Solar Panel
    18V/45W    Quantity: 2V
    Remote Controller
    Standard Accessory
    AC Charger for Battery
    Standard Accessory
  • Features

    The Trailer mobile traffic signal is built with four groups of 200mm/300mm traffic signals facing four directions respectively and each group is comprised of 3-5 signal aspects.

    The LCD monitor on the control panel with intersection simulating function makes site operation easy and fast. The users can use a remote controller to set the phase automatically and manually, or o lift up and lower down the LED traffic signal mast.

    The electrical hydraulic lift system can adjust the signal height between 2200mm—3500mm. Even at the maximum height of 3.5m, the whole system remains firm and steady.

    Auto brightness controlled is available too.

    It is equipped with a 20 channel/5A independent output controller.

    The Trailer mobile traffic signal is designed and built as a trailer.It can be pulled by a truck and a truck can haul two sets at a time.

    Both dragging arm and auxiliary support wheels are retractable. Four retractable supporting kickstands can be fixed on the ground by screws to make sure the system can stand on the ground firmly.

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