Radio-coordinated Mobile Traffic Set With Solar Panels

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  • Application

    The Radio-coordinated Dual-controller Mobile Traffic Signal Set is used in traffic control when semi-closed road maintenance is needed. As shown below, one lane is closed for construction, then put a controller respectively in the entrance and exit, then these two controllers, which are coordinated by radio, can realize the alternate traffic release in both directions.


    Tire (inch)
    Lifting Device
    Manual Controlled
    12V/100AH    Quantity: 1
    Solar Panel
    18V/45W    Quantity: 1
    AC Charger
    Standard Accessory
    Remote Controller
    Standard Accessory
    RF Modem
  • Features

    The Radio-coordinated Mobile Traffic Signal Set with Solar Panels is built with two groups of 200mm /300mm/400mm traffic signals. Users can choose different traffic signal combinations, such as three signal set of“ Full Red, Full Yellow, Full Green” or four signal set of “Full Red, Full Yellow and two Green Arrows” .

    It is equipped with two pieces of solar panels. On sunny days, the whole system can work automatically by the solar power system.

    It is equipped with two 100AH 12V maintenance-free batteries, which can last about 10 days without power charge.

    It is equipped with a 12V AC charger.

    Radio-coordinated Mobile Traffic Signal should be used in pairs


      Release the east bound traffic flow(shuttle mode).                                                             Then release the west-bound traffic flow(shuttle mode).


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