Walk-in VMS

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  • Application

    To provide safe maintenance and reliable operation, Chainzone's walk-in VMS is defined with economic cabinet design, intelligent features and extraodinary strength. The excellent LED optical system is compliant with EN12966 Standards and provide highest optical performance. Full matrix configuration in amber or full-color LEDs from 20 to 31 mm pixel spacing is available.


    Walk-in VMS Specification

    Model    VMS20L-RGB
      VMS25L-RGB          VMS31.25L-RGB
    Pixel Pitch ( mm )
    25 31.25
    Moudule Reslution(plxels)
     8 x 16
     8 x 16
     8 x 16
    Size of Module(mm)(H x W)
     160 x 320
     200 x 400
       250 x 250
    Optical Characteristics






    LED Color
    Amber colour, RG colour, Full colour
    Luminance Ratio
    R3 (White:16.7) (Yellow: 10) (Orange: 6.5) (Green: 5) (Red: 4.2) (Blue: 1.7)
     Beam Width
    B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B7 (30 degree horizontal & Vertical)
    Brightness Control
    100 Levels
     Physical Characteristics

       Front Panel
    Aluminum + Optical lens
      Enclosure Surface
    Powder Coated, Matte Black (Other Colours available)
    Working Temperature(°C)
    -34°C  to +74°C 
    Humidity Range
    0~ 99 %
    Positive pressure, Filter system
    Mechanical Protection
     Maintenace Option
    Back Maintenance 
    Electrical Specifications

    Power Supply
    AC:85-140V/180-260V (50/60HZ)
    Back Up Power
    RS232/RS485/Ethernet via RJ45/ GPRS/3G/4G/Fiber
    Compliant with EN50293
    EN12966, NEMA TS-4, NTCIP1203

  • Features

    Convenient access for maintenance personnel.

    Open workspace and organized components for reduced maintenance time.

    Tough aluminum mask for superior contrast and minimal glare.

    Positive-pressure, forced-air ventilation system for installation longevity.


    Display performance

  • VMS with Optical Lens Structure

    Beam Width

    Changeable with different Optical Lens, meeting B1-B7  classes of EN12966 standards and NEMA TS-4

    Luminance & Luminance Ratio

    The highest performance indicated in the EN12966 Standards (L3/L3*, R3, C2) and NEMA TS-4



    Color Uniformity

    Changeable with different Optical Lens, meeting B1-B7  classes of EN12966 standards and NEMA TS-4

    Light Pollution

    Optimal Intensity,Optimal Light Pattern,Optional Beam Width



    Low Reflection Design

    The surface of Chainzone’s VMS is of a unique matte abrasive structure which creates a diffused reflection of the sunlight; thus reducing the brightness reflection from the front surface of the VMS.

    The optical lens of Chainzone’s VMS is designed to achieve light absorption which will decrease the external light reflection on the lens, so the brightness reflection of the VMS is furtherly reduced.

    With the matte abrasive surface and the external light absorption design on lens, the luminance ratio of Chainzone’s VMS can reach as high as 20:1 in white color, under the external illumination at 40000 lux


    Smooth Surface Design

    Unlike some traditional VMS structures designed to have visors for the LED pixels on the surface to increase the luminance ratio, Chainzone’s VMS surface with optical lens is smoother, so no dust or snow will stay on the VMS surface. The display content on the VMS will remain clear and complete all the time.

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