Quality Assurance

Quality Management System

Chainzone Tech. has formulated a Quality Management brochure, detailing its thorough quality management system, clear quality policy, quality target, quality management function and work division. It exerts strict supervision and control on the products, starting from contract evaluation to product design, incoming quality control, factory manufacture, delivery inspection, installation instructions, customer return visit and production file management, etc. Quality Management System Flow Chart:

Production Process

Thanks to its ongoing production and engineering activities, Chainzone Tech. has gathered very rich experience, which in turn brings Chainzone to an effective quality control system. The experience can be embodied in the following aspects:
a thorough quality control brochure
an R&D group of high efficiency and excellent output
reasonable production flow
test and aging of product
a fully experienced technical engineering team

Production Process for LED Screens
SMD mounting
LED insertion
Wave soldering
03. Function test
LED module aging
LED module gluing
06. LED module assembly
07. Screen assembly
08. Testing and aging
09. Packaging
10. Installation

Aging Testing
Functional testing
Vibration testing
High & Low temp. test
Water test
LED module aging
Aging under high temperature
Whole cabinet aging
Whole cabinet water testing
Whole screen aging

Successful Cases Worldwide

Thanks to its outstanding quality and high performance cost ratio, Chainzone’s products enjoy good reputation all over the world.
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