1000pcs of Chainzone’s 200W Led High Bay to South Europe

Date: 2015-10-15      Source: Chainzone,Foshan led ligthing manufacturer

          Nowadays, more and more customers pay attention to the lighting retrofits in the industrial areas because the high electricity bill is a great burden for operators. Chainzone Tech, as an expert of led applied products for over 15 years, has devoted to develop the state-of-the-art led lamps that can achieve superior lighting effect and meanwhile lower the electricity cost of more than 80%.

          One of Chainzone’s esteemed clients placed a bulk order of 1000pcs of Chainzone’s 200w LED High Bay, with the belief that Chainzone’s high quality Led industrial lamps will be well received in their market. The LED highbay light they bought from Chainzone is with the advanced Phase Change Technology for the heat sink. The efficiency of its heat dissipation is 50 times faster than that of pure aluminum heat sink. Thus, the LED high bay can enjoy more stable performance and longer lifespan.

40 feet container

1000pcs led high bay loaded in a 40 feet container
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