The fellowship basketball match among Sanshan enterprises came to a successful end

Date: 2015-08-25      Source: Chainzone,basketball match,Foshan companies

PARKnSHOP Co.Ltd has hosted a fellowship basketball match among Sanshan enterprises including Chainzone Technology (Foshan) Co.,Ltd., Watsons Group Co.,Ltd. and MANTRU on July 25th in a bid to strengthen the communication and contact among those enterprises and enrich staff recreational life.

The fellowship basketball game was divided into two parts, shooting contest and five-player basketball match. Firstly was shooting contest, four enterprises each sent three teams to take turns in shooting and the team that won the highest score became the winner. The race began with the referee’s order and players aimed at the basket with sparing no effort to shoot, the audience atmosphere heated up as the fixture near its end and the scores were getting more and more closer. Finally, Watson’s team won the championship and Chainzone was the runner-up.

The next part was the preliminary contest of five-player basketball match which grouped players by using draw lots and turned out that Watson against PARKnSHOP, Chainzone against MANTRU. As the match began at 5 pm, players cooperated and struggled to win outstanding opportunity to score while cheerleaders cheering enthusiastically. Loud cheers and slogan rang out continuously making the atmosphere tension and stimulate. After 60 minutes, Watson and MANTRU team won in the preliminary contest.

Final match began at 6 pm on August 1st , MANTRU &Watson contested for the first place and Chainzone & PARKnSHOP contested for the third place. As the match began, players completed fiercely and went for goals for every opportunity encouraging by the audience with their eager eyes and friendly slogan. Finally, MANTRU and Chainzone won after 60-minute-match.


This fellowship basketball match not only strengthen the communication and contact among four enterprises but also fuel the passion for sports of all the staffs as well as promoting friendship along with enhancing cohesive force and spirit of solidarity. Our company will hold more recreational activities in the future with an aim of promoting the physical and mental health among employees so as to push the corporate culture construction.

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