IMPOSA Perimeter Display shows up at Belgian Hockey Match

Date: 2015-07-21      Source: IMPOSA Perimeter Display,Chainzone,Foshan LED

        Chainzone Technology (Foshan) Co., Ltd.’s 200㎡ angle-adjustable perimeter display made its apperance at Belgian hockey match. It adopots the design of adjustable cabinet foot support with the features of high impact, quick installation and disassembly and IP 65 rating. In order to deliver a clearly visible image in the strong sunlight, Chainzone’s perimeter display uses patented masks combined with ball-shaped lenses, greatly reducing the reflection of sunshine and ensuring the best contrast ratio.

        In addition, Chainzone’s LED display possesses better quality than that of the similar products in the same field. One thing to be mentioned is that no matter where (indoor or outdoor), when (in cloudy or in sunny day) or how (shaded or exposed to sunlight), Chainzone’s perimeter display can automatically adapt its chroma and brightness to the external environment to ensure a clear and delicate image. Each cabinet has its own brightness sensor for independent brightness control. (This works perfectly when some parts of the perimeter display are in the shade while others are exposed to sunlight). Moreover, Chainzone’s special control system makes the color transition vey smooth, which well adapts to people’s visual feelings.

                                                                 IMPOSA Perimeter display                                                                                              Common Perimeter display

        The 200㎡ perimeter display shown at the Belgian Hockey match is made up of 138 cabinets, each sized 1536x960mm and at the pixel pitch of 10.6mm. Thanks to Chaiznone’s advanced calibration technology, the position of the modules can be randomly adjusted which is very crucial to rental activities. A perimeter display is mainly used around stadiums to deliver advertisements. And the advertisement can be played repeatedly when you are enjoying the wonderful event, which firmly connects modern sports and business together.

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