Company Environment

  • Company Environment

             Chainzone Technology (Foshan) Co.,Ltd entered the industrial park in Sanshan, Nanhai District at the end of 2012.

             There lie two five-story office buildings in the industrial park and 24,000 square meters cover it. With clear distinction between the office and the factory, it is equipped with comfortable reception rooms, meeting rooms, training rooms and leisure area with spacious, bright, and pleasant indoor environment. The design of using transparent temper glass for different areas, combining with splendid, and vivid paintings of yellow and blue for the ground are shining with the company’s red logo, which shows the open and transparent office culture of Chainzone, as well as the calm and dynamic enterprise image. The height and angle of the office chair can be adjusted to suit the staff’s comfort. Our independent show room provides a good opportunity for our new staff and visitors to learn more of our products and design concepts. Besides, there is also a photo studio in the office building to provide more vivid product information for customers.

             For accommodation of our staff, a 7-story dormitory building with canteen is built inside the industrial park. In addition, there are basketball court, badminton court, billiards and table tennis equipment in the park, which can greatly enrich the spare time life of our staff. Our parking lot is also open to our staff and customers.

    Besides the auxiliary facilities for the office, factory and daily life, Chainzone Technology spares no effort to optimize the environment. So far there are about ten kinds of valuable trees with ornamental value in the park, such as Chinese red buds, magnolia, Cassia surattensis, mahogany, disk shelf tree, eucalypt, Osmanthus fragrans and so on. You can enjoy the fruit fragrances all the year round, feeling like in the garden.

             For Chainzone Technology, talent is the most valuable treasure. Providing more open and comfortable environment for our staff can encourage them to be more innovative and create more value.